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Tailwind 3.x Vue 3.x with Vite or Laravel

WIP — Work In Progress

This documentation is Work in progress. It already has basic things. More is coming soon.


Admin One is a fast and beautiful Vue.js 3.x Tailwind CSS 3.x admin dashboard. Laravel 9.x integration available.

  • Built with Vue.js 3, Tailwind CSS 3 framework & Composition API
  • Vite under the hood — Info
  • Nuxt 3 integration available — Info
  • Laravel Breeze Inertia Vue integration available — Info
  • SFC <script setup>Info
  • Pinia state library (official Vuex 5)
  • Dark mode
  • Styled scrollbars
  • SPA with Router
  • Production CSS is only ≈38kb
  • Reusable components
  • Free version with premium components

Free version



Premium components

Demo & info